Tour Aroma Diffuser

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The Tour is a travel-friendly aroma diffuser that fits conveniently in your vehicle's cup holder! The ultrasonic technology transforms the interior of your car, home or hotel room into a tranquil space. Its unique design also prevents tipping while your vehicle is in motion and the car adapter, included in the box, ensures you can always use it on the go! Available in a variety of color combinations!

  • Travel aroma diffuser
  • Conveniently fits in your vehicle's cup holder
  • Great for home use, too
  • Designed to prevent tipping while vehicle is in motion
  • Car adapter for charging
  • Energy efficient
  • 4 hours of operating time
  • 60 ml water capacity
  • Automatic shut off


One Size: 2.66” x 5.96”


Check out the Tour Aroma Diffuser in action!

All ZAQ diffusers include a 1 Year Limited Warranty.