Northern Light Desk Lamp

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The Northern Light Desk Lamp delivers bright natural light by combining high-output fluorescent tubes with a large high-performance parabolic reflector. This results in a highly efficient unit that consumes only 85 watts of power, yet delivers 10,000 lux. The power is channeled into light, not heat, so the lamp remains cool to the touch. Because this item ships from the manufacturer, it requires a 15% restocking fee if returned.

The lamp height and angle adjustments allow you to customize your lamp to your unique preference, while the large reflector provides diffuse bright light without losing intensity rapidly as you move away from the lamp. Use at home or at the office for any task that requires bright lighting.

  • Compact and adjustable
  • Electronically powered – no flicker or hum
  • Uses only 80 watts of power
  • No heat
  • Tube life: 5,000 hours
  • Use: About 30 minutes per day
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Weight: 8 lbs


Base: 11" x 6"
Top: 17.5" x 8"
Height: 2' tall
Weight: 8 lbs
Northern Light Technologies undertakes to repair or replace a defective lamp at no charge for a period of 7 years. Shipping costs to our plant must be paid by the customer.