Luxor Light Therapy Desk Lamp

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Natural light is vital for your overall health, happiness and the maintenance of a proper sleep cycle. When natural light is hard to come by because of weather or lifestyle, the Luxor can help! The Luxor produces a very pleasant, bright, diffuse and even light. This beautifully designed lamp, which elegantly compliments any space, consumes only 45 watts. The lamp delivers 10,000 lux of light at a distance of over 12”, making it an energy efficient light therapy option. Perfect for those in cloudy areas and for night workers. Because this item ships from the manufacturer, it requires a 15% restocking fee if returned.

  • Produces 10,000 lux of light at 12”
  • Comfortable Safe Light with flicker-free electronics and UV Filter blocking harmful UV rays
  • Solid steel case
  • Excellent for reading and performing tasks
  • Power: 45 watts
  • Made in North America
  • H: 15" x W: 15"
  • 4 lbs


Dimensions: 15" H x 15" W
Weight: 4 lbs
Northern Light Technologies undertakes to repair or replace a defective lamp at no charge for a period of 7 years. Shipping costs to our plant must be paid by the customer.