BOXelite Light Therapy Desk Lamp

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Get all of the health benefits of natural light, from an improved mood to a regulated circadian cycle, right at your desk! This light box emits diffused, natural light through the large, elevated front panel (12” x 15”), making it very comfortable and pleasant to use during reading or eating. The unit is bright, delivering 10,000 lux at a distance of 17 inches. This healthy sleep aid works with universal household voltages without requiring a transformer. Harmful UV rays are filtered, making this a safe and healthy light therapy option. Because this item ships from the manufacturer, it requires a 15% restocking fee if returned.

  • All-metal construction
  • Electronically powered – no flicker or hum
  • No UV rays or magnetic field
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Weight: 9 lbs


Dimensions: 19" x 12" x 3"
Northern Light Technologies undertakes to repair or replace a defective lamp at no charge for a period of 7 years. Shipping costs to our plant must be paid by the customer.