Swamped at Work? Find Out How Weighted Blankets are Changing How People Manage Stress

Posted by Molly Turban on 1st Mar 2019

Its 11 pm and tomorrow you have to give an important presentation for work. You’ve shuffled through your notes at least 8 times. Your power point slides all appear to be in order. You even checked them over to make sure there are no typos. Despite doing all of this, you cannot help thinking that you are missing something. With a small sigh you turn on your white noise machine and get ready to go to sleep. As you lay in bed looking up at the ceiling you feel a growing sense of dread. Now what?  

Everyday we experience moments of anxiety. Whether we are in bumper to bumper traffic, taking care of the kids, or juggling tasks at work our lives are stressful. However,sometimes this anxiety can interfere with our daily activities. Approximately 18% of Americans are believed to have an anxiety disorder. Mental health professionals believe that anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses (NAMI). However, despite this disorders prevalence there are still many myths surrounding it. This article will teach you some of the symptoms and ways of mitigating the effects of anxiety.

The National Alliance of Mental Illness describes anxiety disorders as causing, “persistent, excessive fear or worry in situations that are not threatening.”Symptoms can include tenseness, insomnia, fear, or over-watchfulness. This disorder can be found in both adults and children. While medication and counseling are recommended forms of treatment, some people are also looking at ways to create a more balanced lifestyle. Today, meditation,yoga, and running are often used to help people feel more relaxed. In recent months, weighted blankets have also become increasingly popular. 

Many people have found that weighted blankets can help someone feel grounded. This can help people get a better nights sleep and make them feel more relaxed at home. Weighted blankets have also been known to help people on the Autism Spectrum. A recent study found that these blankets can, “simulate deep pressure touch” (Healthline). This stimulus lulls the body into a state of calmness. 

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