​Heat Exhaustion: Why Extreme Heat Effects Senior Citizen’s More

Posted by Molly Turban on 3rd Jul 2018

Its summertime again and people are feeling the burn from coast to coast. Each year as temperatures rise something curious starts to happen in our nation’s warmer regions. As you flip through the news you notice a trend in the reports. From California to Florida senior citizens are facing serious heat related illness.

Below we’ll explore why seniors are more affected by heat and some solutions to make them more comfortable. 

Why Heat Exposure Has a Greater Effect on Seniors

The Center of Disease Control highlighted several reasons why people over 65 years of age are more susceptible to heat related illnesses. One of the biggest factors is that many senior citizens are currently on medication. Certain medications, such as furosemide and hydrochlorothiazide, can make it harder for senior citizens’ to adjust to extreme heat. These medications can increase the effects of dehydration. Other issues can be more biological in nature. As your body gets older certain organs might not be as efficient as they once were. According to the Center of Disease Control failing kidneys, ineffective sweat glands, and poor circulation are some of the most common reasons why older adults suffer from heat related illnesses in the summer. 

Ways Senior Citizens Can Better Cope With the Heat

Medical professionals recommend staying hydrated and avoid strenuous physical activity in warmer months. Sometimes the heat can make it hard to even find a place to sit down and rest. Luckily, Slumbersome offers an assortment of products that can help beat the heat. 

When it gets hotter, many people are tempted to put their blankets and sheets away. Slumbersome offers an assortment of wicking sheets that make it easier to sleep. By pulling the moisture away from your body, wicking sheets keep you nice and dry even on the hottest night.  

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