Guide to a Restful Flight

Posted by Ronni Davis on 7th Jul 2016

Destination vacations or fun summer trips with the kids can be exhausting, especially when it includes flying! Long flights tend to leave people feeling restless and tired – more so on those pesky … read more

Four Soothing Summer Scents, Just For You!

Posted by Emma Falkenberry on 9th Jun 2016

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Beat the Heat!

Posted by Thomas Williams on 21st Apr 2016

Summer is just around the corner, which means that fighting night sweats is getting harder and harder. The good news is that Slumbersome carries a number of products that help regulate your tempera … read more

Aromatherapy & Air Quality at Slumbersome!

Posted by Thomas Williams on 11th Feb 2016

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Restorative Holiday Gift Ideas

Posted by Slumbersome on 30th Nov 2015

Still scrambling to get your holiday shopping list together? Kick the I'll-just-get-them-a-gift-card habit with thoughtful, considerate gifts that will help them feel restored and rested! From ador … read more