Breaking The Myth: Understanding The Do's and Don'ts of Jet Lag

Posted by Molly Turban on 13th Jun 2018

Here’s a riddle. What’s the one place that you pay a grand to be packed in tight like a sardine? The answer is an airplane. It seems as though airline travel has been given a bad rap these last few … read more

See Yourself in a New Light

Posted by Abigail MacCallum on 20th Mar 2018

On March 11th we turned the clock forward. Yes, we made it to Daylight Savings. We may have lost an hour of sleep but for many Americans, it’s seen as the first big step into spring and extended sunli … read more

Why Humidifiers are Essential for the Winter

Posted by Micaela Estevez on 29th Nov 2017

During the winter the air becomes incredibly harsh due to the temperature. There are countless benefits to introducing a humidifier into your home for the winter. Some of these benefits include redu … read more

Give the Gift of Sleep this Holiday!

Posted by Micaela Estevez on 6th Nov 2017

Give your loved ones the gift of sleep for the holidays with these products from our holiday gift guide!Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep especially during the hectic time of the holidays. … read more