Prepare for Fall Comfort!

Posted by Austin Davoren on 12th Sep 2017

Oh, how we’ll miss the summer nights! Going from having to try to stay cool while asleep to now having to stay warm can be tricky. But regardless of the weather change, Slumbersome is here to help! … read more

Back to school means back to sleep!

Posted by Courtney Osborn on 2nd Aug 2017

As we head into the last weeks of summer, it's important to help get your kids back to a healthy sleep schedule to ensure that they perform to the best of their ability once school begins. The t … read more

Tips for Red-Eye Rest

Posted by Leah Marchant on 27th Jun 2017

It is 2 AM on a red-eye flight. You would love to be deep in your REM cycle, dreaming about the poolside bar and beach views that await you, but instead you are squirming in your seat, desperately a … read more

Beat the Heat While You Sleep!

Posted by Stephanie Buell on 19th Apr 2017

As the weather warms up in several areas, you may be discarding your heavy or heated blankets for lighter and cooler bedding options. Slumbersome understands seasonal transitions and has several gr … read more

Safe Sleep Aids for Our Little Sleepers

Posted by Stephanie Buell on 8th Mar 2017

Adults are always on the search for a great night’s sleep but what about the little humans in our lives? Yes, we are referring to babies! Slumbersome offers a multitude of products specifically desi … read more