Bamboo Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Enjoy the functionality and luxury design of the bamboo diffuser, featuring an outer shell crafted from exotic bamboo wood. Bamboo inspires a soothing ambiance full of healing energy and natural comfort. This safe sleep aid offers 100ml of water capacity, 6 hours of operating time in continuous mode and 12 hours in interval mode as well as an auto shut off option and multi color LED lights. The bamboo can cover 200-300 square foot spaces.

  • Bamboo outer shell 
  • Promotes healing energy and natural comfort 
  • 100ml water capacity
  • 6 hours of continuous operating time or 12 hours in interval mode
  • Auto shut off option
  • Multi color LED lights
  • Covers 200-300 square foot spaces
Dimensions: 3.6" x 6.6"


 Check out the Bamboo Aromatherapy Diffuser in action!


All ZAQ diffusers include a 1 Year Limited Warranty.